My Creations

Thursday, January 10, 2008



I am blessed to have you both.

I love 2 create

a picture of me while crafting.


Another Digital lo i made just this afternoon,( January 8, 2008). The simplest digi lo I made in minutes.

Celebrate X-mas

A lo I made last Xmas. It's a xmas party of mga bossing and managers of Amphil held at Urdaneta village, Makati.

This is an additional gift for Aying kasi hiya ako sa gift that she gave me last Christmas. When I was strolling at metro market I chance to pass by at the clocks at 4th/fr. It’s cheap I bought 2 clocks and altered them. Isn’t it nice?

This is my second digital lo. This was taken at Avilon Zoo during Cel’s visit here last June 2008. I choose this picture because it captures the 2 girls having fun. This is the first time they experience the wild. I wish they go to Singapore and visit the Zoo there. I’m sure they will have some fun watching the animals perform at the Zoo.

I’m back! It’s been a long time since my last posting. Parang I hibernated. Well, it’s 2008 now! How time flies. For this I year, first of all I want to thank my husband who’s always been there and been supportive to all of my gastos and everything, to my daughter who always inspire me and to my parents and friends and lastly to my generous, kind and loving sister, Cecil. So I made a lo for her, this is my first digital this year! Wohoo!