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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scrappinkids Lantern Project

Last night I was on an online tutorial with Scrappinkids master teacher Jessy! It was my first time there, and I am so shy to talk so, got tongue tied for a few hours… hehe! But anyway, I have some fun following the steps to create a lantern.
Here’s my finished product!!!

Next time I'll do this again!!!
Promise I'll chat more!!! Hahaha!!



teacher jessy said...

Rowee, that is such an amazing lantern you have there! I kinda know that someone might attempt a window & you definitely did a great job! Bravo!

yvette said...

yeah, that is gorgeous, Rowee! :)

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Your cute lantern is perfect for spring! Love the vibrant colors!

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Hey Rowee... you got that unique window there and sooo nice!

Great work girl!

Donna E. said...

hi rowee, donna here :)

love the details of your lantern, great take on the tutorial...

let's link up ha? :) thanks!

jonaks said...

this is a beautiful lantern sis!

judy said...

very beautiful...wish you could teach me how to do it.