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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some Good News on Easter!!!

I haven't read my emails for 2 days. I'm so anxious to check it out but have no chance to open my PC. I have so many errand that has to done. And it's Easter Sunday, have to take my DD on an egg hunting party. Finally, got the chance tonight to open it ( Rain is asleep now) but my eyes are really tired maybe because of the season (sooo hot, feels like you want to take a bath every time). Anyways, my good news is I received an email from Dora, a coordinator of online magazine) congratulating me that my LO "Because of You" ( I submitted last March) was picked up for PUBLICATION on their May issue!!! Yahoo!!! It's my first time to be published. It's an online magazine but it's a starter and a stepping stone for me (next time it should be in prints!!!) I wish!!!

Happy Easter!!!



CHING said...

CONGRATS Tita ! I'm happy for you !!! Hugs!

Benga said...

Congrats! more pubs to come!