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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Artzdescrap I Heart YOu!!!

Artzdescrap is 1 year now!
I discovered this blog from a friend last year and since then I’ve been visiting Artzdescrap more often.
For me, Artzdescrap is a useful blog among us crafters/scrappers. I learned a lot from this blog from altering tissue boxes and my favourite the altered clock which I made a lot last December for Xmas gifts (economical but gorgeous!) Also what I love about this blog is they give alterable projects amazingly for free so you don’t have to worry about the things you have to use.
And truly, they inspire me to create beautiful crafts out of things that to others are less valued. Artzdescrap brings out the creative in me and encourage us to create, create and create more...
Thank you Artzdescrap! More power and more years to inspire!!!

I do...I do...I do...



feli said...

thanks for your blog entry rowee! could you post the link at the Artz de Scrap blog? :)

Candy said...

Goodluck, Rowee!!! HOpe you win one of the RAKS!