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Friday, May 22, 2009


...YEP!!! I think my mojo's wondering around somewhere and I don’t know when it will find its way back to me. Yay!!! Also got hooked on this guy and watching his character in koreanovela’s “Boys over Flowers” series. It’s kinda funny because I’m not a novela-addict-type-of-person in the first place.

I like his doofy smile. It kills me. Don't worry my husband knows about this. He only laughs at me and calling me autistic!!!Ayesh!!!
Love the novela so much and even though I'm finished watching it, I still get back on watching some of the episode that strikes me a lot. I also learned some Korean language from it.
I think that even though we are in the early 30's or older, we should watch something like this sometimes to stop the clock and from aging so fast and also bring back the teenage in us. Fancy those times when we have our first crushes, first love and first kiss!!! Ayesh!!!
Well, as for now, I think I have to go and check my mojo now if it'll come back.
Thanks for the visit!!!



salme said...

it has been a long time since i watched korean novela... and i kinda miss it... i will look out for this one!

liliput said...

yep i got hooked with this series also ;)